Second Deposit

Scope and Content


U DEW2/1 Corporate and Share Records, 1863-1967

U DEW2/2 Minutes, 1891-1966

U DEW2/3 Accounts, 1885-1972

U DEW2/4 Agreements, 1867-1968

U DEW2/5 Correspondence and Other Files, 1895-1974

U DEW2/6 Personnel, 1889-1975

U DEW2/7 Specifications and Contracts, 1917-1954

U DEW2/8 Vessels, 1914-1973

U DEW2/9 Miscellaneous, 1867-1973

U DEW2/10 Grimsby Office Branch, 1898-1954

U DEW2/11 Charles Henry Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme, 1874-1916

U DEW2/12 Charles Henry Wellesley Wilson, 2nd Baron Nunburnholme, 1907-1916

U DEW2/13 Arthur Wilson, 1908-1909

U DEW2/14 Oswald Sanderson, 1899-1927

U DEW2/15 Hubert Stanley Holden, 1920-1939

U DEW2/16 Amos & Smith Limited, 1908-1956

U DEW2/17 Antwerp Steamship Company (HH Poole Limited, Antwerp Quay Limited, John Harrison Line), 1915-1972

U DEW2/18 Associated Humber Lines, 1918-1972

U DEW2/19 Bailey & Leetham Line, 1896-1905

U DEW2/20 Burntisland Engineers & Fabrications Limited, 1973-1974

U DEW2/21 Ellerman & Wilson Lines Agency Company Limited, Trieste, 1925-1952

U DEW2/22 Ellerman's Wilson Line Insurance Limited, 1946-1970

U DEW2/23 Ellerman's Wilson Line, New York Incorporated, 1883-1969

U DEW2/24 Humber Conservancy Board, 1933-1957

U DEW2/25 Hull Keel and Lighter Company Limited, 1897-1908

U DEW2/26 Humber Steamship Owners' Conference, 1919-1925

U DEW2/27 Key Warehousing & Transport Company Limited, 1937-1971

U DEW2/28 London and East Riding Marine Insurance Company Limited, 1920-1970

U DEW2/29 London and Kingston Marine Re-Insurance Company Limited, 1920-1970

U DEW2/30 McMasters (Haulage) Limited, 1951-1969

U DEW2/31 Maritime Transportation Limited (formerly Gulf of Suez Steamship Company Limited), 1944-1969

U DEW2/32 Polish-British Steamship Company, 1929-1950

U DEW2/33 Port Emergency Committee, Hull, 1936-1965

U DEW2/34 Rob Caledon Shipbuilders Limited, 1964-1974

U DEW2/35 Storry Smithson & Company Limited (Hangers Paints Limited), 1929-1974

U DEW2/36 Tranby Printers Limited, 1965-1970

U DEW2/37 United Shipping Company Limited, 1905-1974

U DEW2/38 Victoria Mansions Limited, 1926-1954

U DEW2/39 Wilson & Co., Gothenburg, 1889-1918

U DEW2/40 Wilsons' & Furness-Leyland Line Limited, 1881-1903

U DEW2/41 Wilsons' & North Eastern Railway Shipping Company Limited, 1888-1962

U DEW2/42 Annual reports and accounts of Ellerman Lines Limited

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader

Custodial History

Deposited July 1981