Scope and Content

(i) John Burgess of London, gent.

(ii) The Rev. Reginald Yonge of Wrenbury, co. Chester, clerk.

(iii) The Rev. Richard Yonge of Maybank, co. Stafford, clerk.

(iv) James Burges of Nantwich, co. Chester, gent. and Robert Fell of Woodside, co. Chester, merchant.

(v) William Jervis of Hatherton, co. Chester, gent. and Thomas Hassall of Hough, co. Chester, farmer.

(vi) The said John Burgess.

(vii) The said William Jervis.

(viii) George Storr of Maybank, esq.

(ix) Thomas Unett Hyatt of Woolstantor, co. Stafford, gent.

(x) The said Reginald Yonge.

Property as in DD/V/222 to (x).

Consideration: £1,703. 4s. 5d.