Scope and Content

(i) Charles Browne Owen of Ellesmere, co. Salop., gent and John Dorsett Owen of Ellesmere, gent.

(ii) Pryce Ilbert Harrison of Caerhowell, co. Montgomery, esq.

(iii) Bridget Augusta Harrison of Caerhowell, spinster.

(iv) The Rev. Maurice Lloyd of Montgomery, clerk.

(v) The Rev. Robert John Harrison of Caerhowell, clerk.

(vi) Devereux Henry Hickman of Harrow on the Hill, esq., a Captain in the Bombay Staff Corps.

(vii) William Morgan of Llangollen, co. Denbigh, gent.

Property as in DD/V/82 to (vii). Plan and schedule.

Consideration: £900.