Scope and Content

These papers consist mostly of a large collection of documents from the 1870s- 1890s, collected by Abram Rawlinson, which were, like most of the papers in PAR64/9 above, found among the Borough Records of Chipping Norton (see the Introduction to that section for further details). They include many letters, bills, and documents concerning repairs to much of the church, including the roof and walls, the bells, the lighting and heating, the pews, the windows and doors, the organ and the floor, as well as a bitter controversy concerning the erection of a reredos in the 1890s which some parishioners considered too High Church.

See too PAR64/4/F3/1 for some bills concerning church fabric (including bells), and PAR64/5/A1/1 for some notes on the ownership of pews in the church in the 1790s.