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Chipping Norton is in the north-west of Oxfordshire, and is one of the main towns of the county, being one of its old boroughs. The parish also includes the hamlet of Over Norton, which, although it had no registers of its own, did have its own parish officials (for which see PAR64/5-6 below).

The parish records of Chipping Norton have been deposited at various times, and from an unusually varied range of sources. Two deposits directly from the church were made with the Bodleian Library in 1982 and 1983, and a third deposit directly with Oxfordshire Archives in 1996, which was assigned the Accession Number 4120. Further additions were made in 2002 (part of accession 4991), 2008 (accession 5781) and 2012 (accession 6060).

In addition, however, parish records (mostly concerning restorations done to the church in the later 19th century) were found with Acc. 1668, part of the Borough Records of Chipping Norton, which were deposited here in 1979, and the papers of the Huckvale family, which were deposited here in 1995 as Accession No. 3974, proved to include an extensive collection of papers relating to the Overseers and Constables of Over Norton. It was decided that both these sets of papers should be included with the parish records, because of their official nature. The rest of the Borough Records of Chipping Norton have been catalogued as BOR1; the main body of the Huckvale papers have been catalogued as P20. Two appendices list the contents of each deposit in PAR64, and provide a concordance of old and new references.

Catalogued by Robin Darwall-Smith in September 1996, with additions by Hannah Jones in February 2012

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