André Charlot Life Story Vol. 22 1951-1955

Scope and Content

The binder contains notes, photographs and other memorabilia from the end of Charlot's life. It includes the sections "1951", "1952", "1953", "1954", "1955", and "1956", which include the article "Being Taught the 'Run-Around" by Charlot for 'Variety'; notes on acting work; letters between Gertrude Lawrence and Charlot; a chapter entitled "Gertrude Lawrence", one entitled "Critics and Criticism", and another "Cavalcade"; an autographed photograph of Charlot with Gregory Peck in "Snows of Kilimanjaro" (To my good friend André Charlot - All good wishes Gregory Peck); photographs of Charlot on his 70th birthday; photographs of Charlot in Hollywood; photographs of the "Gertrude Lawrence Memorial Exhibition"; a photograph of Charlot in "Paris Bombshells"; a photograph of O.D. Harris holding a photograph of Charlot; press cuttings, one of Charlot's obituary; the notes "Capsules"; and photographs of Charlot's dogs. Included in the binder is a separate folder, which contains letters and Charlot's "Tips to Budding Actors".