Album C

Scope and Content

This box contains loose material from Charlot's working life, specifically "Broadcasting and Air Entertainment World. A Few Notes by André Charlot." radio report; illustrations of "angry" and "happy" Mr. Charlot by B. Nicholas; contract agreements between André Charlot ("the Manager") and "the Artist" (eg. Miss Jessie Matthews and Frank Lawton); photographs of André Charlot; an autographed sketch and a photograph of Gertrude Lawrence; "Souvenier of 'André Charlot's Revue of 1924' First American Tour"; programmes for "1924 Charlot's Revue Benefit for the Southampton Hospital" and the Infants Hospital Ball; photographs from "Please" and "Cabaret"; a costume sketch; an autographed photograph "To Andre Charlot a great manager from Eddie Cantor a fine actor"; an illustration of Maisie Gay; posters for "Icebound", "Collapse", and "Die verliebte Königin"; illustrations from "The Bystander"; an advertisement/programme schedule in "Radio Times" for Andre Charlot's revue broadcast; an illustration by Peter Judge; photographs of Henry Kendall and Queenie Leonard, Frances Day, Douglas Byng and Frances Day; photographs of Gitta Alpar, one autographed "To my dear 'London Director'".