Scope and Content

This box includes posters advertising songs from Charlot's productions, "Not Likely!", "8 Pence a Mile", "Samples", "Keep Smiling!", "5064 Gerrard", "The Bing Boys Are Here", "Some", "See-Saw", "Cheep", "Bubbly", "Flora", "Buzz-Buzz", "Tabs", "Tails Up", "The Officers' Mess", "Bran Pie Revue", "Wild Geese", "Just Fancy!", "The Naughty Princess", "Jumble Sale", "Pot Luck", "A to Z", "Now and Then", "Puss! Puss!", "Snap", "London Calling", "Rats!", "Yes…!", "Revue of 1924", "Revue of 1926", "The Charlot Show of 1926", "Charlot 1928 A Revue", "Charlot's Masquerade", "How D'You Do?", "Please!", "Hi Diddle Diddle", "Charlot's Char-a-bang!", "Dancing City", "Shall We Reverse?", and "Stop..Go!".