Governing Body Meetings Paper

Scope and Content

Minutes and reports taken from meetings of the Governors of the College of Education. These include meetings that pre-date the opening of the college. Matters discussed include: Minutes taken from the meetings of the Selection Sub-Committee of the Governors of Northampton College of Education. Preparatory notes for meetings of the Further Education Sub-Committee some of which contain hand-written additions. Minutes from meetings of the Liaison Committee of the Governors of Northampton and Kirkby Fields Colleges of Education. Minutes and reports from meetings of the Swimming Pool Sub-Committee. Reports to the Lord James Committee detailing information about teaching staff requirements and college qualifications. Reports, containing information about staff transfers from Kirkby Fields College of Education, Liverpool, to Northampton and written for the Northampton County Borough Education Committee. These include proposals for academic structure and staff grading. A report that documents the applications received for the position of Principal, which includes their qualifications and current positions. Lists of applications made by Kirkby Fields staff for transfer to Northampton. Their qualifications and current positions are included in the list. A preliminary copy of the report titled ‘Instrument and Articles of Government’ for the attention of the Governors of the College of Education. A letter requesting that the Governors attend meetings of the Northampton County Borough Education Committee. A list of duties for the division heads within the college. Also included are some loose items; a booklet from the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers entitled ‘The Education of Teachers; Looking to the Future’, and a pamphlet titled ‘Memorandum of Evidence to the Teacher Training Inquiry’.