Rowett, correspondence

Scope and Content

  • MS 1591/1/3/5;D Letter to Burroughs Welcome & Co. 23 June 1923, holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/9;D Letter to G. Vibert Douglas, 27 June 1923 [Assurances about content of the Quest book] holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/3;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 29 September 1922, holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/1;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 4 October 1922 [Accompanying letter to a batch of the Expedition book] holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/4;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 4 October 1922 [Letter of thanks for agreeing to write 'Christmas Day On The Quest' article] holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/2;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 10 October 1922 [Regarding 'Christmas day on the Quest' and James Marr's diary] holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/6;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 13 February 1923, holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/7;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 23 November 1923, [Discusses possibility of Canadian Government buying Quest] holograph
  • MS 1591/1/3/8;D Envelope addressed to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, November 1923 [Addressed to Alberto Canada] holograph

Administrative / Biographical History

The Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition, 1921-1922 (leader Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton) was to sail along previously unvisited stretches of the Antarctic continent. Quest arrived in South Georgia in January 1922 where Shackleton died on 5 January. The expedition continued under John Robert Francis [Frank] Wild's command visiting the South Shetland Islands, Gough Island and Tristan da Cunha. The expedition proved the non-existence of New South Greenland. Shackleton was buried in the whalers' graveyard at Grytviken, South Georgia.

The correspondence relates to the expedition.



Related Material

The Scott Polar Research Institute holds a number of photographs, film and other illustrative material in the Picture Library, some of which covers this expedition. The catalogue can be searched on line by going to the Picture Library Database and selecting the Enter Polar Pictures link.

The Institute holds several archival collections containing material relating to this expedition including material by Johns wife Julie. See SPRI collection GB 015 Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition, 1921-1922, for more information.