Paul Sieghart Memorial Archive

Scope and Content

The collection primarily relates to Sieghart's publications and is divided into four sections: Human Rights; Data Protection; Public Order; Rights and the English Law. Much of the material covers the workings of the law and the debate or controversy surrounding specific bills. Thus, the debate on data protection focuses upon the way restrictions to the storage of data on computers could restrict the development of electronic means of communication, and the impact such changes could have on people's lives and their privacy. Also included in the collection is information on human rights in various countries, organized by region.

Administrative / Biographical History

Paul Henry Lawrence Sieghart (b. 1927 - d. 1989) was a barrister, law reformer, international arbitrator, writer and past Chairman of JUSTICE, the British Section of International Commission of Jurists.

Paul Sieghart's career can be summarized in brief as follows: he read law at University College, London and was then called to the Bar, Gray's Inn in 1953. In 1966 he retired from practice.

The many posts Sieghart held during his career shaped the collection that is now at Essex. Among his many posts Sieghart was a Member of Home Office Protection Committee in 1976-78. He was a Draftsman of the Right of Privacy Bill 1970 and of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

He also published a number of monographs related to issues such as computers and privacy and science and the law, and also contributed papers to many learned journals. In fact the collection resulted as additional material to supplement his writing and research. It also includes drafts of his books and papers.


  • Section 1: Boxes 1-37 
    • A: General
    • B: Human Rights by Region
    • C: Torture
    • D: The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
    • E: Academic and Scientific Freedom
    • F: New Technology and Human Rights
    • H: Human Rights and Development
    • I: The Rights of the Family and Child
    • J: Human Rights and Christianity
    • K: International Labour Law
    • L: Armaments, War and Human Rights
    • M: Scientology and Human Rights
    • N: Paul Sieghart, the Lawful Rights of Mankind, Comments and Reviews
    • O: Psychiatry and Human Rights
    • P: In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Research
    • Q: Paul Sieghart, the International Law of Human Rights, Comments and Reviews
  • Section II: Data Protection - Boxes 38-72 
    • A: Data Protection - General
    • B: Data Protection Law - Various Countries
    • C: Council of Europe Reports on Data Protection
    • D: Transorder Data Flow
    • E: Privacy
    • F: Privacy - Medical
    • G: Computers and Privacy
  • Section III: Public Order - Boxes 73-80 
    • A: The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
    • B: Police Powers and Public Order
    • C: Terrorism
    • D: Police Complaints Procedure
    • E: The Public Order Act 1936
    • F: The Police Bill 1976
  • Section IV: Rights and the English Law - Boxes 81-94 
    • A: The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
    • B: Reform of the Criminal Law and Criminal Justice System
    • C: Reform of Civil Procedure
    • D: Royal Commission on Legal Services
    • E: No Fault Insurance

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