Chambers, English Naval Expedition

Scope and Content

  • MS 1636;D Journal, 2 November 1669 to 2 April 1670 [Voyage of HMS Batchelour] typescript

Administrative / Biographical History

Sir John Narbrough was placed in command of the English Naval Voyage, 1669-1670 with orders to sail south to Rio de la Plata and from there through the straits of Magellan and northwards along the Chilean coast. This voyage was to be one of discovery, mapping the seas and coasts and one of commerce as it was hoped contact could be made with the local populations in order to set up trade links. Two vessels HMS Sweepstakes, (Narborough) and HMS Bachelor (Humphrey Fleming) embarked from London in 1669. Chambers served on board HMS Bachelor (Chambers refers to the vessel as Batchelour throughout the text) and his journal recounts that ship's voyage.



Alternative Form Available

The journal is a typescript copy of the original.


Sir John Narborough published his account of the voyage of the Sweepstakes in 1694 entitled An account of several late voyages and discoveries to the south and north towards the Strait of Magellan, the South Seas, the vast tracts of land beyond Hollandia Nova, &c. also towards Nova Zembla, Greenland or Spitsberg, Groynland or Engrondland, &c., by Sir John Narborough, Captain Jasmen Tasman, Captain John Wood, and Frederick Marten of Hamburg; to which are annexed a large introduction and supplement, giving an account of other navigations to those regions of the globe; the whole illustrated with charts and figures published by Sam. Smith and Benj. Walford, London 1694

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