Trades Union Working Party 1989-1993

Scope and Content

An incomplete set of papers for meetings in the period 1989-1993. There are no papers for 1992, apart from the minutes of the meeting held on 11 Dec 1992.

Particular items:

9 June 1989 - History of the TUWP

8 Dec 1989 - seminar 'VDUs and Pregnancy'

23 Mar 1990 - programme for MA/TUC Conference 'Women, Work and Maternity'; briefing paper for MA on the report of germ cell damage to workers at Sellafield; Health & Safety Commission Consultative Document on restriction of exposure to ionising radiation

22 Jun 1990 - EC proposal for a Council Directive on the protection of pregnant women at work

21 Sep 1990 - report on the MA/TUC Conference held in July

14 Dec 1990 - MA's response to the new European Council Directive on the protection at work of pregnant women and women who have recently given birth; 'foetal protection policies' -article from The Times