Management Committee Papers and Minutes 1986

Scope and Content

A set of papers for all 1986 Management Committee meetings from 8 Jan to 10 Dec, together with signed minutes of the previous meeting

Particular items:

8 Jan 1986 - Formation of the Wendy Savage Defence Fund

12 Feb 1986 - Detailed description of the proposed Bed and Breakfast and the Health of Children study; also for the Welfare Milk Promotion Project

12 Mar 1986 - list of MA Advisor Members 1985-6

9 Apr 1986 - report on the MA conference on Pain Relief in Labour, 18 Mar 1986; Circular letter from NE Thames Regional Health Authority, asking MA to take part in elections for the new Bloomsbury Community Health Council

14 May 1986 - Minutes of the first meeting of the MA Anti-Racism Subgroup, set up to develop an equal opportunities policy at MA; paper describing the Race Relations Act 1976

11 Jun 1986 - Arrangements for the Annual General Meeting

10 Sep 1986 - the forthcoming Maternity Emergency Rally (6 Apr 1987): minutes of a Maternity Emergency steering group meeting on 29 Jul 1986, including arrangements for the rally

12 Nov 1986 - Black Ethnic and Minority Working Group: statement of aims and objectives, formal constitution of the group, change of name to Black and Ethnic Minorities Community Group; paper on Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassaemia