Press Releases

Scope and Content

Press Releases organised by year (with list of key press releases), covering subjects including:

* 1980: formation of Maternity Alliance; appointments to Maternity Services Advisory Council

* 1981: antenatal clinics

* 1982: tests for birth defects; poverty and health of babies in Tyneside; improved preconception care; care of pregnant women at work; financial benefits for mothers; damage caused by lead; pain relief in childbirth

* 1983: Maternity Grant Campaign; health in pregnancy; unclaimed benefits; healthy workplaces; Caesarean rates; benefits and Child Support

* 1984: charter for parental rights at work; 'test-tube baby' legislation; Maternity Rights Handbook; Caesarean rates

* 1985: multi-racial initiatives in maternity care; funds for newborn babies; parents' rights; poverty; Unborn Children Bill; unemployment and affect on children; Wendy Savage suspension; threat of less benefits for babies; health before pregnancy; Parental Leave

* 1986: pain relief in labour; threatened loss of benefits; Parental Leave; family poverty; Maternity Allowance; new baby benefits; Caesarean rates; teenage pregnancy

* 1987: maternity payments; Mothers' March on Westminster; Maternity Emergency

* 1988: homeless babies and their families; sugar in baby foods

* 1989: having a baby in rural Britain; parents and the first year of life; diet and expectant mothers in poverty; future of maternity services

* 1990: the health of traveller mothers; sperm counts

* 1991: photocall at 10 Downing St; choice in maternity care

* 1992: parents with disability; discrimination against young pregnant women; a new man's pre-pregnancy leaflet; the Disability Working Group Pack

* 1994: MA training programmes; guide to the new maternity laws; press release on International Women's Day

* 1996: poverty and cot deaths

* 1997: pregnant women and babies in prison; 'Food for Life'

* 1998-1999: 'Fairness at Work' white paper


Arranged chronologically following original order.