Disability Working Group 1991-1996

Scope and Content

Disability Working Group 1991-1993

An incomplete set of papers for the meetings of the group between Feb 1991 and Nov 1993. The meeting in Sep 1993 was cancelled.

Particular items:

27 Nov 1991 and subsequent meetings - proposals for and discussion of a DWG Conference 'Able Parents: Pregnancy, Parenthood and Disability'

10 Feb 1993 - short paper 'Problems identified faced by Asian parents with disabled children'

19 May 1993 - discussion of a proposal to include parents with learning difficulties in the DWG

Disability Working Group 1994-1996

An incomplete set of papers for the meetings of the group between Feb 1994 and Dec 1996. The June & December meetings were cancelled.

Particular items:

9 Feb 1994 - Report of a day organised by ParentAbility, on parenting with disability

22 Jun 1994 - Information sheet supplied by Elaine Carty, Director of the 'Childbearing and Parenting Project for Women with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses' in Vancouver, Canada

12 Oct 1994 - DWG project application for work with people with learning difficulties facing pregnancy, birth and parenthood

7 Dec 1994 and subsequent meetings - discussions about DPPI, following agreement that the journal should become more closely allied to MA, without becoming a publication of the organisation

Papers for 5 Jun 1996 (11 Sep meeting) - paper 'Action on Disability and Maternity: A report on progress towards good practice in the purchase and provision of maternity services for disabled women and their partners'