Management Committee Papers and Minutes 1992

Scope and Content

Signed minutes of the Management Committee meetings in 1992, together with an incomplete set of agendas and papers for these meetings (22 Oct missing). No Management Committee meeting was held in January, and on 13 Feb 1992 it was agreed to reduce the number of Management Committee

meetings to 8 a year, instead of 11. The April meeting was cancelled because of the General Election.

Particular items:

13 Feb 1992 - EC Directive on the rights of pregnant women, maternity leave etc

12 Mar 1992 - House of Commons Health Committee Report

14 May, 11 Jun & 9 Jul 1992 - proposed amendments to the MA Constitution

9 Jul 1992 - paper on campaigning issues arising from the European Directive on the Protection at Work of Pregnant Women

3 Dec 1992 - MA briefing paper on the EC Directive; List of the members of the Standing Committee for the Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Bill; MA briefing on the Employment Bill