Management Committee Papers and Minutes 1990

Scope and Content

A complete set of signed Minutes of the Management Committee meetings in 1990, together with agendas and papers for these meetings.

Particular items:

(various dates) - proposals and discussion for 10th Anniversary PostNatal Conference

8 Feb 1990 - letters from two difference fundraising consultancies, setting out what they could offer MA; paper by Chris [?Gowdridge] on One Parent Families and Maintenance and lengthy discussion

6 Mar 1990 - draft job description for MA Health Policy Officer; draft programme for the Roger Freeman Seminar 'Where to be Born: Choice and safety in maternity care''; Maternity Action no.44 Editorial: 'Tax Relief and Childcare Costs'; report from the National Birthday Trust on pain relief in childbirth

12 Apr 1990 - quote from Hansard by Edwina Currie praising MA, stuck on the front of the papers for the meeting; outline proposal for 'Rural Report: Country Born'; proposals for a 3-Year Forward Plan for MA, prepared by Susanna Cheal Associates; proposal by the Disability Working Group for a survey of childcare support for mothers with disabilities

10 May 1990 - photocopy of British Medical Journal paper entitled 'Outcome of pregnancy in underweight women after spontaneous and induced ovulation'

14 Jun 1990 - summary report on the completed LANCAP study; Advisor Members; working policy about sponsorship to MA from commercial organisation; photocopy of an Editorial (source not given) condemning the anonymous testing of blood samples from pregnant women for HIV, discussed at the meeting

12 July 1990 - further discussion of the question of HIV screening; draft programme for an open meeting to discuss new directions in services for black and ethnic community women;

11 Oct 1990 - proposal for a directive from the European Commission entitled 'Protection at Work of Pregnant Women and Women who have Recently Given Birth'

8 Nov 1990 - MA strategic planning: Mission Statement, Manifesto for Maternity in the Year 2000, and a Three-Year Strategic Plan

13 Dec 1990 - report of subgroup devising the 'Manifesto for Maternity'