Black and Ethnic Minorities Working Group 1986-1987

Scope and Content

Black and Ethnic Minorities Working Group 1986

An incomplete set of papers for meetings in Mar, Oct and Jun 1986.

Particular items:

14 Mar 1986 - part of draft report on ethnic minority food imports and retailing in London; risks of anaesthetics during pregnancy and labour for black and ethnic minority women

6 Jun 1986 - welfare milk promotion project

22 Oct 1986 - draft paper on proposed Sickle Cell Delegation from the MA to the Department of Health, with MA's recommendations on policy; draft document on research with travellers; discussion of NVO's anti-racism Consortium

Black and Ethnic Communities Working Group 1987

An incomplete set of papers for meetings in Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct 1987. The group changed its name to 'Black and Ethnic Communities Working Group' at the first meeting of the year, on the initiative of the Management Committee. The Oct meeting in Manchester was the first time that the group met outside London.

Particular items:

25 Feb1987 - letter to members of the BECWG with enclosures including a list of the current membership of the group; information about the special interests and expertise of members of MA staff

29 Sep 1987 - letter about Manchester meeting enclosing the agenda, a list of local groups invited to the meeting and a list of the chair and members of the BECWG

19 Oct 1987 - minutes include reports from local groups in Manchester.