Executive Committee Papers

Scope and Content

The papers of the Maternity Alliance Executive Committee (before May 1981 the Maternity Alliance Steering Committee) run from Apr 1980 to May 1991, but are far from complete. There are also many undated loose documents in the files. Some of the papers are heavily annotated, possibly by the committee secretary. Jean Coussins was the first Chair of the Maternity Alliance Executive.

There seems to be no pattern to the frequency of the early meetings of the Committee, until after the launch of the Maternity Alliance in July 1980. After that time meetings were held approximately every month, occasionally more often. From 1988 they appear to have been held less frequently, though papers are missing.

Minutes show a non-static agenda. Key items: those present; minutes of the previous meeting; Finance & General Purposes Committee, including Treasurer's Report, budget and fundraising report; Co-ordinator's Report. Items relating to setting up of the organisation - for example, staff and office premises - figure on the early agendas. Lists of Advisor Members, Subscriber Members and Member Organisations are regularly included for information in the meeting papers. From July 1983 the Minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee are attached for each meeting. From late 1985 the meeting agendas contain many fewer items, and the papers for the Management Committee meeting to be held the same day were attached. From this time the workload of the Executive Committee changed, and items formerly discussed by it came under the remit of the Management Committee: from May 1985 the meeting agenda was extremely brief, consisting of very few items (Minutes, Co-ordinator's Report, Finance & General Purposes Committee, plus occasional items such as AGM resolutions, Maternity Emergency, etc.) For the Executive Committee meeting in May 1991 there were no minutes of a previous meeting, and the only agenda item was agreement of the end of year accounts.