Press Cuttings

Scope and Content

Press cuttings organised by year for 1980-1994 and 2003-2005. The cuttings are from a variety of sources: the national press, mother and baby magazines, internet articles. They include articles by MA staff, reports of MA activities and on subjects of interest to the MA. Subjects covered include:

* 1980: health of babies; formation of Maternity Alliance

* 1981: antenatal care; maternity care; neo-natal care; disability and health of babies

* 1982: maternity grants; antenatal screening; pregnancy; poverty and babies; maternity services; pregnant women at work; lead in petrol; winter baby mortality

* 1983: Caesarean birth-rate; maternity benefits; pre-conception care; health of parents; rights of mothers; amniocentesis

* 1984: multi-racial maternity care; maternity benefits and rights; poverty - diet and infant mortality rate; in-vitro fertilisation (IVF); Citizens Advice Bureau book list; rights at work; amniocentesis; risks in the workplace; the contraceptive pill; Caesarean births

* 1985: pain relief in childbirth; maternity benefits and rights; job protection; healthy diet for mothers; poverty in 1980s; Caesarean births; babies of unemployed parents; book lists; combining babies and career; multi-racial maternity care; hospital facilities for babies

* 1986: Spina Bifida; family poverty; drugs in pregnancy; Caesarean births; British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Wendy Savage - fight for better maternity services; Social Sciences Information Group newsletter on Maternity Alliance; babies and industrial growth; Parental Leave; maternal benefits; pain relief in childbirth; ultrasound and amniocentesis

* 1987: free milk for children; health of parents; Maternity Leave rights for mothers; infertility; Citizens' Advice Bureau book list; birth plans; Guide to Benefits and Changes; health in pregnancy; dangers to babies in cold weather

* 1988: free milk in pregnancy and for poor families; sugar in baby food; working parents' rights; maternity benefits rules; squalid conditions - impact on health of mothers and babies in Bed & Breakfast (B&B) accommodation; paternity leave; rise in Caesareans; infant mortality

* 1989: poverty - infant death and pregnancy; traveller families; sugar in baby food; diet in pregnancy - cost; childcare provision; working mothers; benefits in pregnancy; gripe water; women and the Trade Union Council (TUC); Child Benefit; maternity rights; maternity leave and employers; free milk; cost of babies' clothing; babies in rural areas

* 1990: free milk; safe food for children; changing patterns of childbirth - interventions in labour; maternity care; plight of rural mothers; poverty and perinatal death rates; maternity allowance; travellers and their children; embryology; benefits and entitlement; 24 hour helpline for new parents; working mothers' rights

* 1991: women's rights at work; leaflets for fathers; disabled parents; birth plan pack; diet; Maternity Leave

* 1992: benefits; travellers; disabled parents; perinatal deaths; pregnancy at work - rights; intervention in labour; breastfeeding; Downs Syndrome; leaflet for fathers

* 1993: Maternity Leave; support services; leaflet for fathers; travellers; disabled parents; Caesarean birth pack for new mothers; mothers in workplace; health in pregnancy; maternity rights and benefits; antenatal clinics

* 1994: new maternity benefits; maternity leave for all; disability pack; birth plan and rights

* 2003: Equal Opportunities Commission on breast feeding at work; teenage mothers; antenatal screen for Down's Syndrome; toxin found in baby foods; maternity rights; tax credits; having a second child

* 2004: paid parental leave; Sure Start; New Labour and childcare; student midwives' maternity leave pay appeal; childhood obesity; flexible working; motherhood and a career; Democracy Week

* 2004; 'breast is best'; work-life balance; fathers and flexible working; leave for grandparents to look after babies; childcare and the Labour Government

* 2005: Muslim women's experience of maternity care

* 2006: healthy eating; maternity and work issues; infant mortality


Arranged chronologically following original order.