Executive Committee Papers and Minutes 1984

Scope and Content

A set of minutes of the Executive Committee meetings in 1984, some signed, and agendas and papers for these meetings (incomplete).

Particular items:

18 Jan 1984 - Declaration by the NCVO (National Council for voluntary organisations) on Government influence on voluntary organisations; draft circular from DHSS on the representation of voluntary organisations on joint consultative committees

21 Mar 1984 - draft points for a MA Parental Rights in Employment Charter

18 Apr 1984 - Paper on the London Health Democratisation Campaign

16 May 1984 - Second Catalogued of 'The Case for Link Workers'

14 Nov 1984 - MA's submission to the Government enquiry into human fertilisation and embryology [Warnock Inquiry]

12 Dec 1984 - Catalogued addendum to the MA's submission on the Warnock Report