Ethnic Minority Working Group 1982-1985

Scope and Content

Ethnic Minority Working Group 1982-1983:

The agenda and minutes for the first meeting of the group, in Dec 1982, and an incomplete set of papers for meetings in Mar, Jul and Nov 1983.

Particular items:

11 Mar & 28 Jul 1983 - discussion of the Link Worker & minutes of a Link Worker Subcommittee

11 Nov 1983 - further discussion of Link Workers

Ethnic Minority Working Group 1984

An incomplete set of papers for meetings in Feb, May, Jul, Sep and Dec 1984. The group changed its name to 'Black and Ethnic Minorities Working Group' on its 8th meeting, in Sep 1984

Particular items:

4 May & 20 Jul 1984 - London Health Democratisation Campaign; DHSS Asian Mother and Baby Project

26 Sep 1984 - Final draft of a document called 'Maternity Language Home Visiting Scheme'; discussion on the RCOG working party on women doctors

6 Dec 1984 - discussion on Sickle Cell Anaemia; programme for a proposed MA Conference entitled 'Initiatives in Maternity Care: A Multiracial Approach', 30 Jan 1985

The papers also include a detailed report on a meeting on the Health of Women and Children in Africa, 4 Aug 1984, organised by FOWARD with Swedish Save The Children. Contributors included Sheila Kitzinger, Stella Efua Graham, Sam Sarr, Lord Kennet, Louise Panton, Annica Kempe, Berhane Ras-work, Simone Ek, and Shamis Dirir. On the front of the document is written: 'Lyn - we ought to reply to this at some stage - what d'you think?', and in another hand 'Take it to EMWG'. Also attached is a typed briefing paper on the practice of female circumcision.

Black and Ethnic Minorities Working Group 1985

An incomplete set of papers for meetings in Mar, Apr, Jul, Sep and Dec 1985.

Particular items:

26 Apr 1985 - briefing paper on a mobile clinic for gypsy families in East Anglia; copy of a letter signed by Ruth Evans from the MA to the Secretary of State for Social Services about the Appeal Court Ruling in the Gillick Case

20 Sep and 13 Dec 1985 - sickle cell screening for neonates

13 Dec 1985 - discussions on the Health Education Council's literature on pregnancy, and its suitability for black and ethnic minority women; dietary needs of ethnic minority mothers; late attendance at antenatal clinics; MS 'The Care of Pregnant Women', summary of an MSc undertaken at North Manchester General Hospital