Papers of Mountstuart Elphinstone on the case of Naroba Outia

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Includes a copy of the Case of the Respondents to be heard before the Privy Council between Mountstuart Elphinstone and Captain Henry Dundas Robertson and Heerachund Bidreechund and Jetmul Anoopchund, 1830; The Deccan Booty: the case of the Force which served in the last Mahratta War, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel David Prother, and which captured the fort of Rhyegur, in the Concan, on 9 May 1818, 1833; Summary View of the Proceedings of Captain Robertson, in the case of Naroba Govind Outia, in reference to the charges of Sir Edward West, Sir Charles Forbes, Mr Hume, Mr Warburton and the Attorney General [four copies]; Speech of Sir John Malcolm in the House of Commons on the presentation of a petition from Naroba Govind Outia on 10 Aug 1832 [three copies]; The Deccan Prize: Debate in the House of Commons on 6 Aug 1832, on presentation of petitions from Major General Lionel Smith and Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Hislop; observations on the attacks made in Parliament on 6 and 10 Aug 1832 by Sir Charles Forbes and Mr Hume on Captain (now Major) Henry Dundas Robertson in reference to his proceedings against Naroba Govind Outia, 1833. Also includes notes on Captain Robertson's proceedings relating to Naroba Outia; notes of answers on the charges against Captain Robertson; notes on Mountstuart Elphinstone's proceedings; and The Times, No. 14,924, 7 Aug 1832 and The Dumfries Journal, No. 2923, 28 Aug 1832. Contains several large, folded folios (folios 3-10 and 53-56)

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