Europe Recommendations. Vol. 1

Scope and Content

With index of names and by whom they have been recommended. Includes letters from: General G Deare; Miss Clementina Elphinstone; Sir J Mackintosh; William Adam, Baron Adam; William Gray; William James Lumsden; Richard Strachey; Thomas Graham; Mrs Mary Stewart Mackenzie, Lady Hood; James Loch; J Fombelle; William Fullerton Elphinstone; William Farquharson; Colonel A Walker; George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith; Neil Benjamin Edmonstone; Admiral Charles Elphinstone Fleeming; Mrs Hester Maria Elphinstone, Viscountess Keith; Hugh Hope; Mrs Annabella McLeod; John Fullerton Elphinstone; D Colvin; Robert Campbell; Sir Miles Nightingale; Sir GH Barlow; Lady Perth; J Lloyd Williams; Sir John Jackson; John Loch; Lady Clementina Malcolm; Henry Ellis; C Ricketts; Miss Anne Stuart Elphinstone; Edward Strachey; C Majoribanks; J Neave; Frederick William Adam; Mrs M Lumsden; Miss M Elphinstone; Sir Charles Adam; Dr Thomas Coates; James Ruthven Elphinstone; Reverend William Stark; Lady Austruther; George Canning; Mr Browne; John Adam; Mrs Rachel Welland; Hugh Wilkinson; Colonel James Wood; Mrs W Davis; Joseph Hume; Sir Benjamin Bloomfield; Robert Townsend Farquhar; James Pattison; J Petty Muspratt; General Charles Boye; Colonel William D Cleiland; WS Money; and Henry Salt

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