Europe Recommendations. Vol. 2

Scope and Content

With index of names and by whom they have been recommended. Includes letters from: J Stuart; A Wardrope; Sir David Ochterlony; Robert Cultar Fergusson; Sir John Malcolm; William Erskine; WH Trant; Richard Thomas Goodwin; James Ruthven Elphinstone; William Chaplin; General J Doveton; John Adam; Lieutenant Colonel Skinner; Captain Thomas [Hake]; Sir William Grant Keir; Colonel J Cunningham; Captain C Swanston; Colonel Charles B Burr; Captain James R Carnac; John Elphinston; John Shakespeare; J MacWhirter; Sir Henry Russell; Alexander Bell; William Boye; Francis Warden; Captain Ballantine; Sir Thomas Hislop; Captain Robert Close; William Currie; Colonel A Grant; Richard Jenkins; Francis Rawdon, 1st Marquess of Hastings; William Newnham; General Thomas Browne; Henry Gray; W Cracroft; G Smyttan; S Sproule; Lieutenant P Breton; George Keith Elphinstone Johnstone; Captain A Campbell; Lieutenant Harry Borradaile; Marshall Joaquin Minsel Correa; Colonel William D Cleiland; Colonel CS de Maisonneuve; John Wedderburn; Major Colebrooke; Captain William Monteith; Lieutenant William Burrowes; Lieutenant Augustus Huttley; Lieutenant G Grant; Sir Thomas Munro; Reverend George Barnes; Joseph Glen; Captain J Grant; Guy Lenox Prendergast; H Cowper; Claudius James Rich; John Loch; Frederick William Adam; Miss Elizabeth Mackenzie Elphinstone; George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith; J Petty Muspratt; Colonel Colebrooke; Henry Bathurst, 2nd Earl of Bathurst; J Framer; Admiral Charles Elphinstone Fleeming; Mrs Rachel Welland; William Adam, Baron Adam; Sir Miles Nightingale; Neil Benjamin Edmonstone; William Fullerton Elphinstone; James Pattison; Colonel Conway; Sir Robert Townsend Farquhar; Major AH Cole; and Colonel James Russell

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