Papers of Mountstuart Elphinstone connected with the Settlement of the Deccan in 1826

Scope and Content

Includes several bundles: 1) Notes on correspondence with Mr Pringle, notes on instructions for the Superintendent of Assessment and notes on the state of affairs in the Deccan, e.g. police and criminal justice, January-February c 1826; 2) Moonsisses and Mueens - with statements of rates of pay, number, allowances, fees and establishments and related correspondence, October 1824-August 1826; 3) Notes, plans and letters for the Deccan - with correspondence from William Chaplin, David Greenhill and Francis Warden, April 1824-c June 1826; 4) Private correspondence with Colonel John Briggs on the [?] Jageers, February 1825-October 1826; 5) Miscellaneous papers regarding the administration of justice - with statements of recepits and disbursements in conceded and conquered terrorities, expenses of Collectors and districts, revenue collections in Poona, establishments in the Deccan collectorates with those in Surat, Broach, South Concan and Northern Concan as well as correspondence with Francis Warden and Henry Dundas Robertson, May to August 1826; 6) Colepore papers relating to the Settlement of the Deccan - with notes on an interview with the Raja of Kolepore and Francis Warden and articles of agreement for peace and establishments between the Raja of Kolapore and the British Government (with native translation), c Nov 1826. This file contains several large, folded folios (folios 40, 50-53, 139-145, 269-270, 308-309 and 312-313)

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