Europe Recommendations. Vol. 6

Scope and Content

With index of names and by whom they have been recommended. Includes letters from: Miss Anne Elphinstone; William Fullerton Elphinstone; Admiral Charles Elphinstone Fleeming; Lady Clementina Malcolm; Captain James Grant Duff; David Erskine; Sir John Malcolm; Mrs M Lumsden; G Doweswell; Mrs Clementina Austhruther Thomson; J Pattison; Lady Jane Colville; William Adam; William Cadell; Reverend William Stark; William George Adam; Mrs Emma Chaplin; John Loch; Mrs Mary Stewart Mackenzie, Lady Hood; James Stuart; Sir Walter Scott; Robert Cultar Fergusson; Mrs Scott Waring; Sir Robert Laurie; James Drummond Buller Fullerton Elphinstone; Lady Dundas; Mrs Eliza Fleming; Edward Strachey; Sir James Mackintosh; Sir Frederick Adam; Sir John Sinclair; Captain F Irvine; G Robertson; Mrs Mary Loch; John Elphinstone, 13th Lord Elphinstone; Mrs Elizabeth Fullerton Elphinstone; Henry Colebrooke; Charles Wynn; Alexander Bell; John Campbell; William Keith Elphinstone; Sir Miles Nightingale; John Jefferys; John Fullerton Elphinstone; George Sydenham; and Sir Charles Adam

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