Europe Recommendations. Vol. 5

Scope and Content

With index of names and by whom they have been recommended. Includes letters from: George Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton; Colonel MD Keating; James Loch; Charles Wynn; Miss Anne Elphinstone; Admiral Charles Elphinstone Fleeming; Sir John Malcolm; Mrs Keith Erskine; Lady Dundas; William Fullerton Elphinstone; William Adam; J Petty Muspratt; George Canning; Major General James Cuming; Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool; Sir Robert Townsend Farquhar; John Loch; J Pattison; His Highness the Duke of Clarence; Joseph Hume; Alexander Bell; Sir Miles Nightingale; T Thornhill; Lady Clementina Malcolm; J Ryley; Captain Bagnold; Henry Salt; Miss Elizabeth Mackenzie Elphinstone; Mrs Farquharson; James Kempt; Paul Marriott Wynch; Major Robert Close; James Neave; Mrs Rachel Welland; Abraham Welland; [T/F?] Balfour; Lieutenant Colonel William Keith Elphinstone; Sir Henry [Forens?]; James Loch; Lieutenant Colonel James Drummond Buller Elphinstone; Colonel Robert Lewis; Mr Astell; David Erskine; Captain Beaty; Reverend Robert Morehead; John Ravenshaw; W Trant; Mr Lindsey; Francis Rawdon, 1st Marquis of Hastings; Captain James Grant Duff; Mrs Buller; Elizabeth Fullerton Elphinstone; William George Adam; Mr Hunter Blair; Baroness Keith; R Scott; Captain Goodiff; John Fullerton Elphinstone; Mrs Charlotte Davies; Viscomte Des Bassayns de Richemont; Henry Willock; William Gray; Henry Ellis; and [WT] Money

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