Gospel Literature Service publications

Scope and Content

List of publications in collection produced by the Gospel Literature Service

  • Queen Mary High School Hymnal (Bombay: GLS, c1940)
  • Pocket Bible Synopsis (Bombay: GLS, Jul 1942)
  • A.J. Flack, According to the Pattern (Bombay: GLS, 1943)
  • The Balance of Truth,Vol.1, Nos.6,11,12; Vol.2, Nos.2,3,4; Vol.8, No.5; Vol.9 (Bombay: Tatva-Vivechaka Press and Gospel Literature Service, 1946-1954)
  • Light: The News Bulletin of the GLS (Bombay: GLS, c1953)
  • Songs of Zion (Bombay: GLS, 1957)
  • Watchman Nee, Sit Walk Stand (Bombay: GLS, 1953) Includes sketch and photograph
  • Report of the Bombay Committee: Visit of Dr Billy Graham to Bombay (Bombay: GLS, c1950s)
  • Theodore H. Epp, Love is The Answer (Bombay: GLS, 1960)
  • Display Faces (Bombay: GLS Press, n.d.)
  • Skill of His Loving Hands (Bombay: GLS, n.d.)
  • So Great Salvation (Bombay: GLS, n.d.) In Gujarati
  • Bundle of Gospel tracts (Bombay: Gospel Literature Service, n.d.) Various languages
  • Leaflets and pamphlets containing religious literature relating to Christianity and missionary work, c1940s-1970s (4 bundles)


'The Balance of Truth' was a monthly publication founded by Wilf Durham in 1946. Contains religious literature, news of events and Gospel campaigns and lists of publications and products sold by the Gospel Literature Service including books, calendars, wall texts and greetings cards.

Watchman Nee, 1903-1972, was a church leader and Christian teacher who worked in China in the first half of the 20th century. He published a number of books and established churches throughout China, training students and church workers. He was eventually imprisoned for his faith and spent the last 20 years of his life in prison.