Writings by authors other than Sylvia Pankhurst

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This file contains contains the following written works by authors other than Sylvia Pankhurst:

  • Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Association, The Future of the Ex-Italian Colonies Eritrea and Somaliland. Eritrea must go to Somaliland
  • D. H. Ashford Smith, Untitled work
  • Major H.A. Bonavia, Director, Eritrea Intelligence Bureau, Untitled work
  • Ralph B. Cherrie, Introduction to the pantomime ‘Spirit of Tsahai’
  • Nancy Cunard, Untitled work
  • Albert V. Fowler, The Listeners
  • Friends of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) League, Untitled work
  • Beatrice Hastings, Tis not too late!
  • Ellen Hørup, The Covenant
  • Stephen King-Hall, Letter/article in K-H News-letter, 5th May 1937
  • Richad Lia, Arab Aspirations. The Case for Syria.
  • W. Martin, Untitled work
  • Claude Paris, La Vierge Noire
  • Maria-Florica Petrescu, An Admirer of Eminescu: Sylvia Pankhurst
  • Nicholas Pirolo, Leaflet about The Pope, Mussolini and Babylon – 666 (work by author)
  • Karl Radek, On the Eve of important Decisions (Extract)
  • Chas. Hy. Roach, God Will Rule ‘Ethiopia’
  • Rosika Schwimmer, Union Now for Peace or War? The Danger in the Plan of Clarence Streit. An Analysis by Rosika Schwimmer.
  • A. J. Siggins, Buffer State Development as a War Emergency Measure.
  • Maurice Spencer, Mussolini and Plebiscites
  • Wallace-Johnson, I wonder if they saw these things
  • Unidentified author, Miss Pankhurst of Abyssinia
  • Unidentified author, The Tragedy of Ethiopia
  • Unidentified author, Untitled work

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