Copy of the will of John Evans of Whistones, co. Worcester, Esquire.

Scope and Content

Bequeaths all his messuages and lands in Llandyrnog and elsewhere in Denbighshire to William Green of Llanbedr, clerk, subject to the following uses, etc.

(i.) The capital messuage, farm and lands of Pentre Mawr, the messuage or tenement called Wern, the close called Trewin Swch, and two parcels of meadow called Cwttir and Trerood, in trust to permit Rebecca, his wife, to receive all rents and profits during her life.

(ii.) All his other estates in Denbighshire immediately after his death, together with the properties mentioned under (i.) after his wife's death, to the use of Thomas Moore, D.D. and Hugh Lloyd Berth, gent., for 200 years upon this special trust after the end of the said term = that the said William Green shall pay all issues and rents out of the properties to his daughter Rebecca the wife of Peter Barry, Doctor of Physics, during her life, and after her death, to her heirs, or in default of such heirs to the use of Peter Evans of Pensylvania, Esq., and after his decease to the use of his son John and his heirs, and in default of such heirs, to the use of the testator's heirs. Further wills that the said Moore and Lloyd shall raise by sale or mortgage, the sum of £200 out of the property, and pay it to his daughter Mary. Further, that in case the said Peter Evans or John, his son, shall inherit the premises, the said Moore and Lloyd shall raise a further sum of £1000 to be paid to his lands in Pensylvania and elsewhere in America to his daughter Mary; small bequests to Dr. Moore and Hugh Lloyd; £100 to Dr. Barry.