The Home is her Sphere

Scope and Content

Manuscript poem, signed GM George, on Sesame Club writing paper. Transcript:

A women may travel is she be so inclined

It is even supposed it may broaden her mind

Spend the spring at Biarritz and the winter in Rome,

But she never can vote, for her place is the home.

If poor, she can work for a very small hire,

Leaving her children to play with the fire;

While if she be rich, custom clearly allows

A visit to Ascot, to Goodwood, to Cowes.

It is all very well for 'the Wife' to be seen

Looking 'chic' in a dainty confection of green -

But give her a vote and the Home will be wrecked,

And her husband and children will pine for neglect.

She will spend every moment she has, it appears,

In recording one vote in - say 4 or 5 years.

When a man is enfranchised, I note with surprise

He keeps up his business and family ties.

But men are remarkably clever, you know!

If women had votes, it would never be so…

Now, let my appeal strike a different note -

No womanly woman is anxious to vote,

Altho' if the Franchise were hers, as I say,

She would study the subject for 12 hours a day.

Let her pay all her taxes - a simple affair -

It is plain there is nothing unladylike there -

So long as the woman who pays in content

Not to decide how the money is spent.

The true wife is gentle, the Home is her Sphere:

She trills little songs for her husband to hear;

She is playful, and loving and jealous, but nice;

So devoted to dress and so frightened of mice …

I have read this description, it is not my own,

And it does not describe all the wives I have known.

It is but an ideal, yet, perhaps if we try,

We may all attain that ideal bye and bye.

So let us read fashions, but never read news

And let us avoid all political views.

Let us go to our husbands and say, with a kiss:

"You, darling, of course understand about this,

How I wish I were brilliant and clever like you,

And could look at these things from a man's point of view.

And I hope that your side will do splendidly, dear

But I don't want a Vote, for the Home is my Sphere!

End of transcript.