Scope and Content

Lists: 'Books read in 1950' at front; 'Calendars sent for Christmas 1950' at back. Also at back: a photograph of two coins beside a half crown, with the caption 'Medallions for/?from Johnny, 8th May 1950', diagrams of how to measure for a wig, with the address of a London wigmaker; 5 press cuttings from Scottish newspapers dated 6-9 May 1950, describing the operation to salvage the Spanish Armada galleon 'Florencia' in Tobermory Bay, and the finding of two silver medallions; three suggested stanzas 'for Hymns up to date' to replace the 'Rich man in his castle' verse of 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'; a press cutting from The Spectation 6 Jan 1950 entitled 'Marginal Comment', by Harold Nicholson, reviewing 'Edy: Recollections of Edith Craig'; a further review of the same book from the Glasgow Herald, 2 Feb 1950.

With the following insert:

* Manuscript list of friends and presents