Twenty-one letters from Richard (Smart), Director, Arthur Tooth & Sons Ltd, to Paul Nash, one to Margaret Nash and two from Dudley (Tooth), together with statements of account January-July 1946.

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  • Reference
      GB 70 TGA 7050/1521-1549
  • Dates of Creation
      January - July 1946
  • Physical Description
      45 pieces

Scope and Content

The letters mainly concern the sale of Nash works, the arrival of works, and photographing and framing works. Other topics include Paul Nash's illness and exhibitions, particularly with Matthew Smith, Stanley Spencer and John Barrow (TGA 7050/1523), a 'Belgian' show at Lieáge and Antwerp together with a letter from S. Blyth-Praeger, Secretary of the Belgian Ministry of Education (TGA 7050/1524, 1529, 1535 and 1538-9), at Tooth's of Paul Nash's watercolours (TGA 7050/1527), the Buchholz (TGA 7050/1537), one unidentified but with diagram (TGA 7050/1536), at Manchester City Art Gallery (TGA 7050/1539 with presscutting) and at the Roland, Browse and Delbanco Gallery (TGA 7050/1546). Also referred to is the 'Counterpoint' book and Conrad Senat (TGA 7050/1522-3, 1530, 1533-4, 1537), a Faber & Faber and Richard de la Mare book (TGA 7050/1546-7), reproductions for F.A.M.A. Ltd (TGA 7050/1529), requests for works from the British Council (TGA 7050/1529), an Elkin Matthews Series of Paul Nash Christmas cards (TGA 7050/1529-30) and the difficulties of acquiring frames and mounts (TGA 7050/1547). Other paintings and drawings mentioned include: 'Felled Tree on Ballard Down' (TGA 7050/1547), 'Two Serpents' (TGA 7050/1521, 1529), 'Solstice of the Sunflower'(TGA 7050/1522-23, 1529), 'Farewll', 'Sea Wall' and 'Landscape of the Crescent Moon' (TGA 7050.1523), 'The Archer Overthrown' (TGA 7050/1523, 1538), 'Chestnut Waters' (TGA 7050/1526, 1536), 'Polar Object' (TGA 7050/1526, 1538), 'Order of Fire' (TGA 7050/1528, 1538), 'Nocturnal Landscape' (TGA 7050/1526, 1537-39, 1546), 'Study for the Sun Descending' , 'Eclipse of the Sunflower', 'Parhelia', 'Mock Moons', 'Flight of the Magnolia' (TGA 7050/1527), 'Mineral Objects' (TGA 7050/1528), 'Landscape of the Summer Solstice' (TGA 7050/1529, 1530), 'Landscape of the Moons First Quarter' (TGA 7050/1529), 'Landscape from a Dream' (TGA 7050/1529, 1530), 'Landscape of the Moons Last Phase', 'Ghost in the Shale' (TGA 7050/1530), 'Dymchurch Steps' (TGA 7050/1536), 'Aerial Flowers' (TGA 7050/1537), 'Kinetic Feature' (TGA 7050/1538, 1545), 'Landscape of the Megaliths' (TGA 7050/1538-39, 1545), 'Sun Descending Studies 4 & 5' (TGA 7050/138-39, 1345), 'Old Frontline' (TGA 7050/1545), 'Water World' (TGA 7050/1547-48), 'Ruin in the Forest of Dean' (TGA 7050/1548), 'The Shore' (TGA 7050/1545-46), 'Sunflower and Sun' (TGS 7050/1545), 'Tower' and 'Shipyard, Rye' (TGA 7050.1543), 'Thistle in Down Country' (TGA 7050/1542), 'Window Landscape, Russell Square' (TGA 7050/1542), 'Cloud, Hills and the Plain' (TGA 7050/1548), 'Landscape in Berkshire' (TGA 7050/1542) and 'Mimosa Wood' (TGA 7050/1542, 1545). TGA 7050/1522, 1525, 1533, 1545 and 1548 include pencil calculations, TGA 7050/1542 includes note in Nash's hand and TGA 7050/1537, 1541, 1546 and 1548 include lists of Paul Nash watercolours received at Tooth's.

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