BOOK of oyster purification experiments 1-33, written by H Marshall Webb.

Scope and Content

Includes a one week [diary] of the preparation of tanks for the experiments and a detailed record of Purification Tank F during the period Jan – April 1924; details for each experiment include a summary, a note on the previous history of the oysters, details of tank and water conditions and comments on the oysters at various stages of the purification process.

[Most include a small graph of variations in water temperature within the tank.]


1. LIST of folders found in H Marshall Webb’s room for further examination.

2. RECORD CARD noting storage experiment details, times, dates, sample conditions, number of samples and plate references.

3. LIST: programme for oyster purification experiments 57 and 58.

4. DETAILS of oyster purification experiment 57, including hand-drawn diagram of the arrangement of Tank J.

5. DETAILS of second water [?sterilizing] experiment, a 2-day experiment, which started on 12 March 1929.

6. NOTES re oyster experiments including cards containing [?outlines of oyster shapes].

7. DETAILS of a 4-tier purification plant, including a hand-drawn diagram, and a rectangular purification tank. Also includes list of totals of oysters landed in [England] 1915-1928.

8. FINAL COMMENTS on [oyster purification] experiments 35, 37-39, and 41-47.

9. OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION: Conway Branch Midland Bank Ltd., to H M Webb Esq., informing him of the return of an unpaid cheque.

GRAPHS: [?variations in water temperatures].