FOLDER of miscellaneous documents re oyster production and purification and to the oyster purification tanks at Brightlingsea.

Scope and Content


Draft copies of sections of an oyster purification report [including amendments] re Brightlingsea;

Draft copy of a report on a comparison of purified and unpurified oysters; [Draft] report of an investigation of the keeping and other qualities of purified oysters;

Notes on the procedure during frosty weather at Brightlingsea Oyster Purification Station written by Dr R W Dodgson;

Papers outlining tank capacities and water heating costs for the oyster tanks at Brightlingsea, including comments by RWD and a letter from Mr B Everett [Tank Superintendent at Brightlingsea] to Mr [H P] Sherwood, commenting on various stages of the oyster purification process (25 Nov 1940);

Notes on the daily water requirements for cleaning/hosing tanks [includes BE’s figures];

Correspondence between John Fowler, joint clerk of the Brightlingsea and Tendring Shell Fish Committee, and H P Sherwood of Conwy Fisheries Experiment Station, outlining the intention of the Conwy Station to publish a brief account of the inception of the Brightlingsea tanks installation, in connection with a planned publication of experimental work carried out on oyster purification at Conwy by [H Marshall] Webb;

Correspondence between BE and Mr Robinson re the amount of water used and timings used for the ‘rake squirter’ [diagrams included];

Correspondence between BE and HPS re a query about the specification of heating pipes in H1 and H2 [tanks] and a request for dimensions of some offices and stores [see also Annexation 4, CD3/6/1/4;

List of contents [? to folder or report];

Correspondence between HPS and W Evan Williams re an article on the breeding of oysters [draft attached];

Press cuttings re oyster breeding and purification.

References are made to the work done at the experiment station at Conwy and to RWD and H A Cole.