WEATHER BOOK: daily [generally excluding Sundays] record of wind conditions, sunshine, rainfall, cloud, maximum and minimum temperatures.

Scope and Content


1. PLAN: sea defence wall for proposed Mussel Purification Station at Lytham. Scale: ½” =1 ft. [Stamped MAFF, Fisheries Experiment Station, Conwy, library stamp.] (1934 April)

2. CONVERSION of weighed lead from lbs. to cwt. Also other dimensions, conversions and calculations (1953 July 12).

3. ITEMS [? on loan] from Lympstone at Conwy tanks (1940s).

4. DIAGRAM of mean monthly rainfall for 20 years at the Conwy tanks (1923-1942).

5. LIST: place names with amounts and calculations.

6. MONTHLY CHART: [? average rainfall] (1943-1948).

7. RECEIPT for items received from MAFF, Conwy (1955 Feb 23).