DIARY: weather and tank diary detailing the daily general weather conditions, rainfall, temperature (F), the daily maximum and minimum and the temperature at 9am. GMT, comments on changes to the tanks [emptied, cleaned, water change etc.] and three temperature recordings of the water in the tank [in degrees F and C].

Scope and Content


1. MATHEMATICAL CONVERSION of 1” rain per sq. yard surface = x pounds or x gallons.

2. LABELS (2) for bags of purified mussels from the Mussel Purification Station, Conwy, showing Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food stamp (1976).

3. MILEAGE RECORD showing route taken, speedometer readings, petrol consumption and cost 1953 April 15).

4. INSTRUCTIONS re visits of press representatives to the Station.

5. VISITORS’ LIST 1954 Oct 10).

6. VISITORS’ LIST (1936-1953).

7. INVOICE: A H Wilson, ironmongers, High St., Conwy (1950).

8. ADVERTISEMENT for staff officer at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (1948).