STOCK BOOK: records of stock-taking exercises at [irregular] intervals. [Some lists cover specific areas or sets of equipment, e.g. motor boat, loose tools, paint store; others come under miscellaneous stores]. Early lists [c.1927-1930] include values of stock with annual depreciation set at 10%; includes list of stores arriving Sept 1954-Aug 1955; some stock lists for 1950-1952 have been erased. Also includes list of [mussel] bags sold, buyer's name, date, cost and when paid, for period Dec 1951 - July 1952.

Scope and Content


1. LIST: tools at the mussel tanks [typed alphabetical list on official notepaper with ms. additions].

2. LIST: tools, noting items lost or broken.

3. LIST: [shopping or stock].

4. DAILY CHART: [bags] of mussels going out [to market] during the season. Includes running total and notes of closure due to Christmas holidays and market conditions.

5. DAILY CHART: [bags] of mussels, as 4 above.

6. NOTE to Mr Jones re the ‘[Four] Deep’ cleansing experiment.

7. NOTE re 24-hour double layer experiment.

8. 4 pages of stock listings.

9. DRAWING of [frame or table] apparatus including dimensions.

10. LICENCE LIST for Conwy mussel boat [owners] giving names, addresses, boat numbers and whether licence returned. [In envelope addressed to Mr Morris Jones, tank superintendent.]

11. CLAIM FORMS for travelling and incidental expenses [blank, in envelope addressed to Morris Jones.]

12. MULTIPLICATION TABLE showing cost of bags of mussels from 1-80 bags @ 3s.9d. per bag.

13. LIST: [?bolt sizes].