FOLDER: Statutory Rules and Orders, regulations, notices and correspondence listed on contents page.

Scope and Content

From back to front:

1. COPY PROPOSAL of the Defence of the Realm Regulation proposed by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries.


NOTE that D.O.R.A. powers expired on 30 August 1923. Suggests imposing toll to pay local water bailiff and adds note of indenture 2 Sept 1920

2. COPY MEMORANDUM: Dr Dodgson re the D.O.R.A. shellfish Regulation. He comments that when the regulation was first considered, it was a definite shellfish proposition, but that other people wanting to acquire D.O.R.A. Regulations asked to have their special [? stunts] included and the Regulation ended up relating to practically any living thing to be found on the shore, in the sea or in fresh water. Goes on to discuss the problems with the Regulations, as he sees them. (1918)

3. ORDER IN COUNCIL: amendments to Defence of the Realm Regulations for securing the public safety and the defence of the realm. [Appended with pencil notes to represent wording of original draft as it left last Committee prior to Privy Council consent. (1918)

4. EXTRACT from Order in Council on Defence of the Realm Regulations re Fisheries. Produced by Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. [1918]

5. REGULATIONS: Defence of the Realm Regulations [monthly edition], consolidated and revised. Published by HMSO, Manuals of Emergency Legislation Series. (1918)

6. ORDER: Poole Fishery (Oyster and Mussel) Order, 1919, made by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries under the Defence of the Realm Regulations, to maintain or develop oyster and mussel fisheries. Sea Fishing Order No. 7. (1919)

7. NOTICE by Conwy Town Clerk's office re orders made by the Military Authorities (under powers invested under King's Regulations for the Army), re a ban on fishing under the Bridge after dark, and the conveying of mussels to the purification tanks except in daytime. Includes instructions to be followed in the event of it being necessary to visit the tanks after dark. (1939)

8. NOTICES AND LETTERS re the Order on the Relaxation of Restrictions on Inshore Fishing. Paragraph 3 makes it lawful to take mussels to use only as bait until 31 May in any year. (1941-1942)

9. STATUTORY RULES AND ORDERS: No. 1168 Emergency Powers (Defence). The Relaxation of Restrictions on Inshore Fishing Order, 1942, made by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.