LETTER: R W Dodgson, 43 Parliament Street to [H] Lees, thanking him for the report on the Ogwen expedition.

Scope and Content

Comments that it sounds encouraging and asks if HL brought any specimens [of oysters] back. Stresses that it is vitally important that the remaining tray should be taken to North Deep, quickly. Miss Campbell went there the previous Tuesday and found the oysters mostly out of water at low tide, but they are doing well. They want to test 'the assertion by the large growers that small stuff laid in the open dies to tune of 75 per cent.' If they can do that, they will have done 'a great thing.' The important thing is to make sure they are not exposed on any tide, working by means of flashlights or a flare. It is too late for these tides but they must get busy for the next.

[Also photocopy. Original very faded.]