Correspondence about Frederick Tatford's book series "That The World May Know"

Scope and Content

The majority of the letters in these bundles document exchanges between Frederick Tatford and Stanley Warren, an editor at Echoes of Service. Warren was responsible for proof reading Tatford's book series That The World May Know. A number of the letters thus discuss Tatford's drafts and the ways in which he could improve his writing. Warren and Tatford appear to have had a close friendship. Tatford related his fears for his son Brian Tatford to Warren, describing how Brian was greatly overworked by his missionary position in France. Warren often confessed to Tatford that he felt overwhelmed with the volume of work he was given at Echoes of Service. The pair regularly arranged to visit one another. Tatford also corresponded with Alexander F. T. Trotman, a history graduate who was specifically hired by Echoes of Service to assist Tatford with the research for his last volumes. Trotman sent Tatford relevant missionary files and books from the Echoes of Service library. Tatford often delegated research tasks to Trotman, asking him to speak to various staff members at Echoes of Service on his behalf and compile the bibliography and index for his last volume. The bundles also contain letters which Tatford forwarded to Warren and Trotman for interest. The majority of these relate to overseas mission work. Tatford sent Warren a number of publications and pamphlets. These remain in the bundles.

The original order of the bundles has been maintained. Bundles FTP 1/1/1 -FTP/1/1/8 were found in cardboard folders which have been replaced. Bundles FTP/1/2/1- FTP/1/2/6 were originally treasury tagged together and labelled by a previous custodian (probably a secretary at Echoes of Service).