Harlaxton College - University of Evansville, 1990-2011

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Harlaxton College saw 3 different Principals during 1990-2011: Angus Hawkins (1990-1992), Robert P. Stepsis (1992-2002) and J. Gordon Kingsley (2003-2014). This collection of items spans these eras of the College history.


Location: Box 17

  • UE3/1 Items dated 1990s
  • UE3/1/1 Graves, Wallace B. (1990). Harlaxton College, The Camelot of Academe. University of Evansville [2 x copies]
  • UE3/1/2 UE Magazine, Winter 1990, 85(2)
  • UE3/1/3 Stately surroundings. Business Link, July 1991, p.40-41
  • UE3/1/4 Happy birthday. Grantham Journal, 1991. 20th birthday celebrations.
  • UE3/1/5 Copy of invitation for 20th birthday celebrations, 17 April, 1991
  • UE3/1/6 The New Europe, International Alumni Conference. Spring 1991
  • UE3/1/7 Schnalder, R. (1993). English castle casts spell over Indiana college's students. Indianapolis Star, April 18, 1993
  • UE3/1/8 Harlaxton Choir programme, Spring 1993
  • UE3/1/9 UE Brochure 1993/4
  • UE3/1/10 Manor staff put out boiler blaze. Grantham Journal, 19 April, 1996
  • UE3/1/11 25th anniversary. List of events, words to Magic Mystic Manor by Bob Brownlow, Advisory Council Member [2 x copies]
  • UE3/1/12 25 years brochure for endowments and building enhancement projects
  • UE3/1/13 The Aces in England. 1996 UE Women's Soccer schedule and photograph
  • UE3/1/14 American Treasure. Evening Mail, Aug 22, 1996 [2 x copies]
  • UE3/1/15 Living in splendour at Harlaxton manor. by Dee Williams. Grantham Journal, 1995? [3 x copies]
  • UE3/1/16 Carson, Mike (1998). Images of Harlaxton. Harlaxton Connections, UE Alumni Association, Fall 1998
  • UE3/1/17 Paul Hogan (UE 1954) music composition for 25th anniversary.
  • UE3/2 Speckert, George A. (1992). Compositions dedicated to Harlaxton College and performed at the Inauguration Ceremony in 1971 and also at the Harlaxton Reunion, August 1992. Presented to Harlaxton College by George Speckert, 1992 (Alumnus of Harlaxton College, 1971) [music score]
  • UE3/3 Thomlison, T. Dean (1991). Effects of a study abroad program on University students: toward a predictive theory of intercultural contact. Paper presented at the Annual Intercultural and Communication Conference, Miami, 1991 [2 x copies]
  • UE3/4 2 x folders of notes left behind by students dated 1996-1998, found in Music Room during refurbishments. Available online: https://harlaxtonmanorarchives.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/ue3_4-studentletters96-98-2010.pdf
  • UE3/5 Items dated 2000-2011
  • UE3/5/1 Ace Notes, University of Evansville Employee Newsletter, 2002, Dec 6, XI(8)
  • UE3/5/2 The Harlaxton Experience, William Jewel College, 1973-2003. Harlaxton Reunion Homecoming 2003
  • UE3/5/3 College principal building bridges between town and manor. Grantham Journal, Feb 20, 2004.
  • UE3/5/4 Tucker, K. (2005). College in a castle. Evansville Living, July/Aug 2005, p.24
  • UE3/5/5 Extract from In a Manor of speaking Sept 2009 no. 26. Harlaxton a by-gone day (Graddon and Pam Rowlands notes); John Crane remembers (Second World War years, father worked as Butler)
  • UE3/5/6 Harlaxton College Centre for British Studies. One day conference Britain for beginners: Defining a nation for study abroad. 24 March, 2007
  • UE3/5/7 UE Magazine, Winter 2011, 106(2)
  • UE3/5/8 UE piano headed across Atlantic. Evansville Courier & Press. Date unknown. [article about the Boesendorfer Grand Piano currently in Great Hall being shipped over from UE]
  • UE3/6 Various semester documents, 2008, 2009, 2011
  • UE3/7 Book of Condolences from St Mary's Church, Grantham. 9/11 2001
  • UE3/8 150th Anniversary Celebrations, University of Evansville, Harlaxton College, 9 October 2003. 150th anniversary of founding of the University of Evansville, 150th anniversary of the completion of Harlaxton Manor, the naming of the Ridgway Great Hall. Various items in a folder.
  • UE3/9 Cuttings Book containing newspaper cuttings (copies) dated 1990-1992. [hardback bound]

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