Bundle of deeds and papers

Scope and Content

Deeds and papers relating to land held in Wigan, especially the Gidlow, Buckley and Swinley estates, which housed valuable coal mines. The bundle consists of:

  • /1: Documents, 1734-44, relating to the Buckley House Estate. Includes 3 deeds - 2 Renunciations of Executorship (almost identical) from the Rev Harvey and Mr Anzlark to Mary Baldwin; and a [draft] document which appears to have been a Lease and Release between Mary Baldwin and Ralph Baldwin dated 1734, but has since been physically altered by crossing out and overwriting into a Lease and Release dated 1744, Ralph Baldwin being replaced by Edward Kenwick (his executor), John Brownell, Elizabeth Martin, Hugh Baron and Margaret his wife, and Catherine Baldwin. Former reference is No 84.
  • /2: Agreement re legacies between (1) Ralph Peters and James Orrell (2) Richard Statham and (3) Thomas West and Frances his wife, 5 Aug 1785. Former reference is No 67.
  • /3: Marriage Settlement between (1) Thomas West (2) Elizabeth Green (3) Frances Green and (4) Ralph Peters and James Orrell, 24 Feb 1776. Former reference is No 67.
  • /4: Agreement to pay the interest on £300, between (1) William Baldwin and Thomas Woodcock and (2) Thomas West, 31 Jan 1795. Former reference is No 67.
  • /5: Assignment of Mortgage between (1) Ralph Peters and James Orrell (2) Bannister Pickup (3) Thomas West and (4) Edward Boardman, 4 Feb 1795. Former reference is No 67.
  • /6: Bundle of miscellaneous correspondence re various mortgages on, sales of, and deeds relating to the Gidlow and Buckley estate, dating from 1795-1871. Former reference is No 67.
  • /7: Letter and copy from Samuel Balmforth to Peter Coupland, re deposits of cannel [bituminous coal] and coal on the estate, undated. Former reference is No 67.
  • /8: Release and Mortgage between (1) Peter Coupland and Elizabeth his wife (2) John Walkden the elder (3) Richard Davies Evans (4) Thomas Birch and (5) Thomas Walkden, 25 Oct 1803. Former reference is No 67.
  • /9: Abstract of above, same date.
  • /10: Sale advertisement for an auction of Gidlow House furniture, dated July 1820. Former reference is No 67.
  • /11: Copy Lease of Cannel Mines under part of the Gidlow House Estate, by (1) Thomas West, James Orrell and Thomas Birch to (2) Alexander Haliburton, 1817. Former reference is No 46.
  • /12: Draft Lease of the Gidlow House and Buckley House Estates, by (1) James Underhill West and Charles Speakman (executors of Thomas Birch) to (2) Joseph Rylands, Joseph Rylands the younger, Richard Rylands and John Rylands, 1822. Former reference is No 48.
  • /13: Lease for a year between Benjamin Schofield and Edmund Wrigley, 6 Apr 1824. Former reference is No 67.
  • /14: Articles of Agreement between (1) James Underhill West and Charles Speakman (executors of Thomas Birch) and (2) Joseph Rylands, 17 Apr 1824.
  • /15: Copy Bond for administration to the term of 1000 years, between (1) Henry Gaskell and William Ackerley and (2) Charles Jones, 26 Jan 1827. Former reference is No 67.
  • /16: Copy draft of Release of the Gidlow and Buckley House Estates, between (1) Joseph Rylands (2) Richard Pilkington (3) Thomas Pilkington (4) William Raby (5) Charles Wood, 22 Feb 1827. Deed Register 187. Former reference is No 49.
  • /17: Small bundle of genealogical papers re the Gidlow House estate, dating from c. 1827. Former reference is No 67.
  • /18: Measurement of Gidlow House and Buckley House Estates, date unknown. Former reference is No 75.
  • /19: Lease of King Coal and Cannel mines under the Swinley Estate, by (1) Elizabeth and Jane Kenyon to (2) Joseph Rylands Senior, 21 Jan 1839. Former reference is No 45.
  • /20: Lease of the Coal and Cannel Mines under Prescott's House in Orrell, by (1) Richard Worthington to (2) Richard Rylands and Thomas Jenkinson Pike, 1 Apr 1854.
  • /21: Draft Lease of the Arley Coal Mine under the Page Fields Estate, Gidlow, by (1) John Cross to (2) Thomas Knowles, John Pearson, Robert Blackie and John Rowlands, 1857. Former reference is No 82.
  • /22: Copy Will and Probate of Richard Rylands, who died on 11 March 1863, dated 1867. Deed Register 189. Former reference is No 71.
  • /23: Plan of Mabs Cross Heys in Wigan, belonging to A.F. Haliburton, 21 Feb 1863. Former reference is No 80.
  • /24: Correspondence (with plans) between Mr J. Ellis, Thomas Knowles and John Cross, concerning the proposed purchase of Elms Farm Estate, Wigan, 20 Jan 1868. Former reference is No 89.
  • /25: Copy of Decree by the Central Court of Judicature, concerning the inheritance of Joseph Rylands Cross, 18 Mar 1871. Former reference is No 77.
  • /26: Letter from Leigh Ellis to John Rylands, concerning the purchase of Wigan Mill, 16 Jul 1872. Deed Register 193. Former reference is No 78.
  • /27: Booklet containing handwritten notes about deeds relating to the lease, purchase or otherwise of various mines, c.1870. Former reference is No 67.