Family Planning Association (1) - 50th National Conference Papers

Scope and Content

Pamela Anderson helped to organise The Family Planning Association National Conference entitled 'New Frontiers of Birth Control' which was held at Royal Festival Hall on 20-22 Jul 1971.

Consists of:

- listing of press coverage of Family Planning Association National Conference, Jul 1971 with list of press attendants

- press release 'Family Planning Association National Conference', 9 Jul 1971

- letter of invitation from Caspar Brook, Director of the Family Planning Association, to the press, conference programme and fact sheet

- background press information on the history of birth control movement in Great Britain

- Press release 'Fact sheet summary', 20 Jul 1971

- press lists of invitations

- photocopy summary of speech given by Leif Andersson, Chair of the Swedish State Committee on Sex Education, and of speech delivered by Peter Goodchild, editor of BBC2 'Horizon' 'Sex education for large audiences'

- some letters from press thanking Pamela for her help during the conference

- carbon copy of press release by REASON a campaign for common sense on abortion