Photocopies of trust deed and other legal documents

Scope and Content

Consists of photocopies of trust deeds between:

- Miss Sarah Clegg and others for London Society for Women's Service and others dated 7 Oct 1926 [Women's Service Trust was founded by Miss Clegg in 1926]

- Elizabeth Norton and others, dated 1 Mar 1957 (manuscript notes)

- agreement between the Fawcett Society Executive Committee and the Fawcett Library Trustees, 19 Mar 1958

- instructions to Counsel to advise, Women's Service Trust, 1974

- Opinion Women's Service Trust by Collyer-Bristow & Co, 1974 re captial and income of the property at present in their hands

- Further instructions to counsel to advise, Mr Knox, dated 21 Oct 1974 re Women's Service Trust to be registered as a Charitable Trust

- Declaration of Trust between Baroness Seear and others, 16 Oct 1974

- draft affidavit in the matter of the Trusts of deeds between Kathleen Halpin v Beatrice Nancy, Baroness Seear and others, 1975

- duplicate order Halpin v Seear re Clegg's Deeds Trusts, dated 27 Feb 1976