Publications held in the Anderson Archive

Scope and Content

Publications in alphabetical order:

* A business of her own, 102 ideas from the New York state Department of Commerce

* The Conservation Society Annual Report , 1973, 1974

* Conservation - the problems - What you can do...., issued free by the Conservation Society

* Consumer Information Sources prepared by teh New York State Department of Commerce Womena's Program, State of New York Department of Commerce

* 'The Crisis of Life Styles', by Colin Hutchinson, Sep 1975

* The Crisis - what it is and what should be done, The Conservation Society, Jan 1974

* The Economics of Conservation. An outline plan for the United Kingdom, The Conservation Society, 1973

* Ehrlich speaks. Text of Dr Paul R Ehrlich's Presidential Address to The Conservation Society on 14 Jan 1972

* The Energy Crisis: Growth, Stability or Collapse? by Lord Avebury, The Conservation Society Presidential Address 1973

* An Environmental Directory, second edition, Apr 1973

* pamphlet 'Equal pay for equal work (The rate for the job) / Equal Pay Campaign Committee

* How to raise money for planned parenthood / Planned Parenthood Federation of America

* Initiation a la geopolitique by Georges Krassovsky

* Job horizons for New York State women, State of New York Department of Commerce

* People without choice by Brian Abel-Smith / International Parenthood Federation, 1974

* leaflets for One Parent Families. The Finer Report.

* The order of your appearance, State of New York Department of Commerce

* Overseas Press Correspondents in London. How they and industry can help each other, Board of Trade Publication, 1967

* pamphlet 'The work of the National Institute of Industrial Psychology'

* 300,000,000, International Labour Organisation, Jun 1974

* leaflet by International Society Service of Great Britain

* pamphlet 'What next? / issued by the Fawcett Society

* pamphlet 'Women in politics 1968. Some facts and figures' edited by Elisabeth Sturges-Jones, Jan 1968

* Women's Organisations in Great Britain. A list prepared by The Women's Group on Public Welfare, May 1972

* Women's Press Club membership

* Working with the Media by Sharon Naeole and Joan Del Femine / Naeole Associates, 1976

* Your Local Ombudsman. Report for the year ended 31 Mar 1977