Alan Noel Latimer Munby: Bibliographical Papers

Scope and Content

The papers comprise a mixture of Munby's own correspondence and papers (MS.Add.8203/D, E; 8229; 8307; 8308) and manuscripts which he collected (MS.Add.8199-8202; 8203/A, B, C; 8204-8213; 8219-8228). The former contain a wide range of subject matter, while the latter are mainly of bibliographic interest, comprising letters of printers, booksellers, book collectors and librarians, and catalogues and ledgers.

8199-8200: Notebooks, 2 volumes, arranged, bound and listed by Munby in 1970, containing letters of 18th and early 19th century booksellers, mainly collected by Catherine Hutton.

8201: Letters from the book trade, c. 1828-1909, mounted on card by Munby, 1 envelope.

8202: Scrapbook, arranged, bound and listed by Munby, containing letters by collectors of books and manuscripts, 1709-1890. The letters are arranged in order of the author's date of birth. There is also an alphabetical index.

8203: Correspondence and other papers, 1 box-file.

A: Letters of bibliographers and librarians, 1803-1918. These were found mainly in envelopes bearing biographical information provided by Munby.

B: Letters to Richard Baynes, 1822-1830.

C: Letters of autograph and frank collectors, 1830-1894, enclosed in an envelope to Munby from Hofmann & Freeman, Antiquarian Booksellers, Cambridge, Mass.

D: Items relating to other Add. Numbers in this series, 1962-1974.

E: Miscellaneous items, 1956-1971.

8204: Two fragments of a bookseller's list, probably originating from Antwerp, c. 1533-1535, mounted in a bound volume. There is an explanation, transcript and notes by Maria Elisabeth Kronenberg, taken from Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Vol. II, Pt. 1, 1954.

8205: Two fragments of an English bookseller's day book, 1622, mounted in a bound volume. There is an explanation and transcript by Munby, taken from The Book Collector, Winter 1954.

8206: Volume entitled 'Court Hand Restored, or, The Student's Assistant in Reading Old Deeds Charters etc.', a palaeographical manual compiled by John Dovaston of West Felton near Oswestry, Shropshire, 1776.

8207: Volume containing a manuscript catalogue by John Holmes (Manuscripts Department, British Museum) of mainly 15th century manuscripts owned by the Duc d'Anmale, with illustrations of coats of arms, May 1849.

8208: Volume containing 19th century manuscript notes, possibly by Lady Katherine Charlotte Ashburnham, on the bibles in Ashburnham library. There are pencilled additions and corrections by the 4th Earl Ashburnham.

8209: Volume containing a catalogue of manuscripts in the library of Joseph Trotter Brockett of Newcastle upon Tyne, 5 Oct. 1831, with later annotations in pencil.

8210: Volume containing a printseller's ledger, recording purchases of engravings with the names of the dealers who sold them, 1843-1847.

8211: Volume containing an inventory by Eddison and Taylor, auctioneers and valuers, Huddersfield, of heirlooms bequeathed by Sir Joseph Radcliffe, 2nd Baronet, undated (possibly 1873). It is signed by the executors of Radcliffe's will (Francis Pickford; Sir Archibald Grant, 7th Baronet; and Samuel James Brown) and his heir Sir Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe, 3rd Baronet.

8212: Volume, c. 1820, containing many catalogues in the hand of Giambattista Petrucci, a Roman dealer in manuscripts.

8213: Volume containing an index by John Towneley to the Biographical History of England by James Granger, undated [1769-1782].

8214: Correspondence and papers relating to editions of Newton's Principia, 1936-1968, 1 box-file.

8215: Scrapbook containing photographs and cuttings from newspapers of library interiors mainly in Britain, but also in Ireland, the U.S.A., Italy, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Mexico, with an index, c. 1805-1970. Many of the photographs are of private studies and some include the owners.

8216: Further photographs and postcards of library interiors, together with accompanying correspondence, 1 box. These have been arranged alphabetically by library. Many are undated, c. 1920s-1970.

8217: Notes by Munby regarding the fine arts publisher Rudolph Akermann, c. 1972, 1 envelope.

8218: Papers of Munby, 1971-1973, regarding catalogues issued by Thomas Osbourne and his son Thomas, booksellers of Gray's Inn, 1 envelope. There are notes, photocopies and correspondence with the Bodleian Library and the Grolier Club, New York.

8219-8223: Five notebooks containing lists of part of the library of James Wilson Rimington-Wilson at Broomhead Hall, near Sheffield, made by the owner, 1864-1877. MS.Add.8219 includes correspondence of October 1971 regarding these volumes, between Munby, John Bebbington of Sheffield City Library and Anthony W. Laywood, bookseller.

8224-8225: Two volumes, numbered 3 and 4, containing lists of acquisitions to the library of P.A. Hanrott, June 1828-1831.

8226: Volume containing a ledger of purchase and disposal of copyrights by the printer John Nichols, c. 1769-1815.

8227: Volume containing the record of sales and some purchases of books by the book collector J. Bumstead, 3 Oct. 1848 - 28 Sep. 1859. Enclosed are some correspondence and notes, c. 1852 and 1961.

8228: Volume inscribed by R. Wyndham ?Kilton-Cramer, who gave it to Munby in Nov. 1961: 'This is a copy draft of the first printed work in French devoted to bookbinding, Jean-Vincent Capronnier de Gauffecourt's Trait de la Relieure des Livres, printed in 1763'.

8229: Correspondence and papers covering the period when Munby was held in German prisoner of war camps at Laufen (1940-1941), Warburg (1941-1942) and Eichsttt, (1942-1945), following his capture in Calais in May 1940 while serving as an officer in the Territorial Army, 1 envelope.

8307: Letters from Geoffrey Keynes to Munby, 1946-1960, 1 envelope.

8308: Correspondence between James Basil Oldham, librarian, Shrewsbury School, and Munby, 1947-1959, 1 envelope.

Administrative / Biographical History

Alan Noel Latimer Munby (1913-1974) was a bibliographical historian; librarian and fellow of King's College, Cambridge; prisoner of war; and book collector.

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Acquisition Information

MSS.Add.8199-8228 were bought by Cambridge University Library from Munby's library in 1975; MS.Add.8229 was presented to the Library by Munby's widow, Sheila Rachel Munby, in 1975; MS.Add.8307 was presented by Sir Geoffrey Keynes in 1981; MS.Add.8308 was presented by Mrs. Munby in 1981.


Description compiled by Robert Steiner, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives.

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Custodial History

MS.Add.8812 was the property of Frederick North, Earl of Guildford, before Munby obtained ownership. Likewise, MSS.Add.8213 and 8224-8225 were owned previously by Henry B.H. Beaufoy.