Photocopies of Pontecorvo's school records

Scope and Content

Copies of Pontecorvo's secondary school records. Gives details of the subjects Guido Pontecorvo studied at school and the grades he achieved. It is likely that he obtained copies of his school records to enclose with a Royal Society application form.

Administrative / Biographical History

Pontecorvo attended a liceo classico school (secondary school specializing in classics) in Pisa. Ginassio refers to the first and second year of liceo classico. All of the Licei have many subjects in common, such as Italian Literature, or Mathematics, while other subjects are peculiar to a particular type of Liceo (i.e. Ancient Greek in the Liceo Classico or Pedagogy in the Liceo delle Scienze Umane). Until 1969, this was the only secondary education track that allowed a student access to an Italian university. Nowadays, it is considered the elite school and it carries the reputation of a highly formative school, being one of the few European secondary school types where study of ancient languages (Latin and ancient Greek) and their literature are compulsory. A liceo classico offers a wide selection of subjects, but the central subjects are those related to literature. Several hours are also dedicated to the study of history and philosophy. The liceo classico's distinctive subjects are Latin and ancient Greek.